RAM Industries has proudly served the Oil & Gas industry with reliable, high performance hydraulic cylinder solutions for many years. Our Sales and Engineering teams are well versed in cylinder applications within this sector, including: drilling and exploration equipment, production and service equipment, mast scoping cylinders, artificial lift cylinders, and rig moving systems. 

RAM's approach is to establish a close technical rapport with every customer to share ideas and gather critical information regarding cylinder fit and performance requirements. Within the Oil & Gas sector, RAM has experience developing close technical relationships with project managers, engineering consultants or teams, branch operations, service shops, rig sites, end users, and of course many entrepreneurs developing new applications to serve this market and its changing needs. We understand the Oil & Gas industry needs, and the rigorous demands required for cylinder functionality, reliability and performance. 

The range of styles and sizes of cylinders used in this sector is vast. RAM brings over 40 years of expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of custom hydraulic cylinders to carefully adapt your cylinder design to each project need. As an example of this diverse cylinder mix, here is a list of cylinders commonly supplied by RAM for use on a typical drilling rig apparatus. 

RAM features several types of cylinders specifically designed for the Oil & Gas sector:

  • RAM has recently introduced two standard models of Mast Raising Telescopic cylinders into its product line-up. These featured RAM cylinder designs are fully interchangeable with accepted current market cylinders. The cylinders are pressure rated for 2500 PSI, utilize precision honed and chromed material, and have a stroke length of 132 inches. Mast Raising telescopic cylinders are available for quick shipping turnaround – which is important to an industry where time matters.
  • RAM Standard and Ball End Stabilizer Cylinders are also available for levelling and outrigger applications. Standard Stabilizer models are available – see the RAM Stabilizer brochure for detailed dimensions and specifications. RAM also offers fully customizable options like bore size, stroke length, mounts, ports, jacking pads and internal pilot operated check valves. All Stabilizer cylinders come standard with an external solid or split adjustable locking ring mechanism.
  • RAM Industries has been working for many years with OEM's to develop a robust, long lasting, leak free Artificial Lift cylinder. Without a doubt this is one of the most severe applications for a hydraulic cylinder. Long strokes, continuous high speed usage, high temperatures and oil contamination are just some challenges RAM has overcome to ensure the cylinders work well, while ensuring a long service life. RAM has worked directly with seal manufacturers to develop sealing solutions for any type of artificial lift, including nitrogen assist and regen units. The cylinders can be built in many bore and stroke configurations and in any orientation to suit specific equipment needs. As there is more to artificial lifts than just cylinders; RAM also offers unique well mounting solutions, specialized porting configurations, custom manifolds, oil lines, hoses, fittings and structure to finish off your artificial lift needs.

RAM can supply cylinder products from customer pre-engineered cylinder drawings, however complete design services are more often the norm. Custom designs may originate from something as simple as your conceptual idea or a new product innovation. RAM also has the technical expertise to deliver cylinder solutions to meet other objectives, such as cost reduction, cylinder performance improvement, reverse engineering for replacement or repair cylinders, or re-engineering foreign designed cylinders to North American dimensional and material standards. 

The RAM Engineering team uses the latest 3D modeling software to provide detailed approval drawings, parts breakdowns, as well as solid models for each cylinder. This service is beneficial for design verification, design pre-approval, and direct integration of the cylinder(s) into an equipment design file. On-site visits, engineering meetings, technical support and prototyping services are also available to ensure cylinder fit and function testing before full production orders proceed. RAM engineers will work directly with you to develop a solution for your specific needs. 

RAM is ISO 9001 certified for hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing. We also have experience accommodating quality requirements to API (American Petroleum Institute) standards or other Customer-specific inspection or technology requirements, including API 4F compliance. 

The RAM name has become synonymous with delivering quality custom cylinder solutions to the Oil & Gas sector. Contact our knowledgeable team today! 

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