MHI design and manufacturing activities are housed in a modern facility complimented with CAD and CAM design and automated manufacturing capabilities. Our design engineering team will assist with design and selection of standard or custom welded hydraulic cylinders to meet your application and requirements. 

As a custom manufacturer, MHI establishes a close technical rapport with every client to share ideas and gather information regarding cylinder fit and performance requirements. MHI has extensive experience working with purchasers, procurement experts, engineering teams, consultants, manufacturing specialists, maintenance managers, and entrepreneurs developing new product innovations that require custom cylinders. 

MHI can supply cylinder products from pre-engineered cylinder drawings; however complete design services are often the norm. Designs may evolve from a basic list of technical specifications or a Customer's conceptual idea. MHI has extensive experience delivering cylinder solutions to meet requirements such as cost reduction objectives, hydraulic system space limitations, or performance improvements. Reverse engineering for replacement or repair cylinders, and re-engineering foreign cylinders and material standards are also available. 

Our technical sales and engineering teams will work closely with you to design and build a cylinder solution for your specific needs. MHI has experience designing and manufacturing many types of cylinders for many applications. 

Some types of engineering design cylinders include:

  • HEAVY DUTY cylinders, characterized as a robust cylinder design capable of handling harsh operating environments.
  • BIG BORE cylinders, characterized as large diameter hydraulic cylinders built for specialty applications where significant force is required.
  • SMART cylinders, designed to incorporate position sensing technologies for end user applications.
  • STABILIZER cylinders, used to level and stabilize a platform with a mechanical lock to keep it in place.
  • SYNCHRONIZING cylinders, which include one master and one or more slave cylinder(s) with a built in re-phasing provision, and are utilized in applications where multiple operations must operate in tandem.
  • TELESCOPIC cylinders, which provide a long stroke from a very compact retracted length, and can be single acting, a single acting/double acting combination, or a double acting design.

Contact MHI engineering staff today, to have a custom design cylinder build for your specific requirements.